Filter EthTransactions for a single chain

Hi guys,

how can I filter EthTransaction object by a single chain like we do in getNativeBalance for example?


Not sure what you mean. How do you get those transactions?

I get those transaction from sync, after login
If I change the network I’d like to see only transactions on thst chain, now it doesn’t make any difference between main net or ropsten for example…
The balance is correct, is different between the two chains, the transactions no, they’re the same
Hope it’s clear

It is not clear. From what sync you get transactions from mainnet and testnet at the same time?

No, I’m using the User Activity Sync, I’ve flagged the Ropsten and Mumbai, but if I start my dapp with the ETH Main Network and execute a query in the EthTRansactions I get transaction from Ropsten and not Main Network

In this case my expectation is that you will always get transactions from testnet, because the server is on tesnet and it syncs only testnet transactions.

You could try to use web3api to get the transactions list from a specific chain and address.

Ok, so with Moralis i can sync just testnet and no Mainnet, is it right?

Or you can sync only mainnet on a mainnet server

Ok, now it’s clear.