Filter Airdrop vs Mint

Hey there! I’m new to Moralis but I could not find an answer to my question anywhere so I’m posting it here.

I was wondering if anyone could help me regarding classifying / filtering airdrops vs mint transactions?

Most of the time, various wallets get airdropped lots of random NFTs (scammy) but these, usually appear from a Null Address, which makes it hard to distinguish an airdrop from a mint transaction on chain.

Is there anyways that Moralis categorizes / filter airdrops vs mint vs other type of transactions?

I believe “Opensea” started doing it in the activity tab of a wallet, they now display whether a transaction is a mint or an airdrop. “Nansen” also filters through airdrops when looking at the activity of a wallet address.

The reason I’m asking this questions is because it can get rather confusing on chain! I would love to know if Moralis does anything regarding this, if not, does anyone have any idea how Opensea and others go about doing it?

Thank you for reading!


I don’t think Moralis does anything like this yet. Like you said, those tokens are fundamentally the same as any other.

There’s probably a number of criteria that can be used, like if these tokens were sent in batches to a certain degree. You can contact those services to see if they have that info available.

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