File Folders On Server

Moralis Team,

I am able to call File.Save successfully.

Example: {"__type":“File”,“name”:“1ea9619b697d289ca3647935a432fe48_20161219_190241.jpg”,“url”:“”}

I had been hoping to be able to save type of files to different folders by placing FOLDER_NAME/ before the file name. However this gives the error: file save error: {“message”:“Received an error with invalid JSON from Parse: \n<html lang=“en”>\n\n<meta charset=“utf-8”>\nError\n\n\n

Cannot POST /server/files/test/20161219_190241.jpg

So adding “test/” to the filename changes the path meaning the target operation on the REST service is not found.

Is there away to save, say images to one folder, and meatsata.json files to another location, and other documents to another folder?

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No folder structure unfortunately at this point

@ivan - understood - thank you