Fiat plugin do not load

I already reload the server, but still not work.
I use the test key from fiat web site home: pk_test_jWCXCkJiKkFktEIitty3O160jc7OHEj2l0Hq93ngofw0

Hi @ntb
Please share the server subdomain

Hi @ntb

I don’t see in your server logs that you installed it. Please check if you installed it on the correct server. Onramper plugin works correctly.

strange… I will remove the plugin and re-install it then.

after re-install the fiat plugin, it still can not work…
you can test it on this page:

I tried to test with your server and it looks like the server doesn’t have that fiat plugin installed. Are you sure you installed it on the right server?

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ya, u can see the screenshot I post there…
the Fiat plugin is list at the bottom

you have 3 servers in that screenshot, are you sure you did that on the right server? that is the only server where you installed plugins?

update: do you need all those plugins installed on that server? could you remove some of them?
or install Fiat Plugin on another server and test it with the other server?