Fiat On Ramp / Off Ramp

Hey team! Do any of your partners have fiat on ramp or off ramp integrations available? Any chance of getting one on board for the hackathon?


Check out simplex


Great question and please inform me if you see any new solutions.

The ON/OFF ramps to crypto are still a big issue … but not for a long time so in your design, it should take into account that FIAT will also just become a money content type IMO. I am now dedicating my time to see if I can solve this issue but it will take some time to come out.

Some of the solutions that I found so far are.

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An other solution is to integrate the Dharma SDK.

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Hi, Unfortunately I only see this topic today after the Hackathon. I designed an own Fiat2Crypto Converter, implemented it and particpated with it (only Beta version) in the Hackathon. Let´s see how the feedback from Moralis team review will be… But I am definitely passioned about realizing the Fiat2Crypto converter I started building on Moralis. I had an issue with the timeline…

And now there is a plugin… see this video How to Add Fiat Gateway to dApps [Full Tutorial]

and this solved issue.

But (I know this could be off-topic as dev) how is it with local regulations for on/offramp ? I think of Binance situation in Europe (NL)… I guess making this available in an app is ‘not enough’ for some countries…