Fetch data from database using smart contract

We are trying to fetch data from the moralis database using a smart contract but we are stuck like how to go forward we tried to do by using chainlink but din got success as such so we need so help to give us some path.

You can do it async similar to how chainlink would work: you emit an event in your smart contract, you then listen/check on your Moralis server for that event and after you know that event was generated then you call a smart contract function in order to provide the information found in database (you will need a private key to do this step)

But when I verify the smart contract the user can put any value in block explorer and claim value no verification will be done.
How this ill check?

You can write in smart contract logic so that only an admin address can call a specific function

I’ll explain the full project
User will have some point in the database this will be generated by unity game and updated to the database now smart contract should fetch the value from morals database and give equal erc20 token to that address again when user claim so now we are successful claiming token but we have to manually put value in that value input if suppose this is open then the user will put any value so we want the smart contract to fetch the data from morals and validate.

ok, much easier then, you don’t need any second contract call
you can read this response: How to create metod withdraw or clain tokek

Sorry but I don’t think it’s a full-proof idea to go forward

Any other way to do so

you can get more details here:

what part you think that it is not full-proof?