Fetch API data did not complete

hi again,

I tried to fetch data nft transfer data via get nft/{address}/transfer using python.

total data to fetch is 5000 records using following curl link:


what the script retrieved is only 500 data . manual json download confirms only 500 data as well.

this is the script

trfresponse = requests.request(“GET”, Ttransfer, headers=headers)
trfresp = trfresponse.json()
trfrel = trfresp[‘result’]

tokenID = []

for k in trfrel:
tokid = (k[‘token_id’])


am i missing something? thank you again!

that is the offset from where you want to get the data, is not how many records will return, the limit parameter is how many records will return

I did change the limit into 5000, yet the maximum record retrieved still 500.

yes, you can not change that limit to more than 500, but you can make it lower

so any workaround to get full data instead of max 500?

there isn’t a workaround, you’ll have to use pagination as intended, you’ll have to make multiple requests with different values for offset.

i see. thank you for your explanation.