Failure to find ERC20 Balance


I am trying to call getERC20 on the current user for a specific ERC20, however the symbol isn’t recognized. When I call getAllERC20 the token appears.

    const eViralBalance = await Moralis.Web3.getERC20({chain: 'eth', symbol: "eViral 🧬"});

This returns the following error:

However when I call getAllERC20 and log to console the token displays:

 const balances = await Moralis.Web3.getAllERC20();


Is there a specific way to find balances for tokens with emojis? I’m not having any luck. Also is there a way to find the token by contract address rather than symbol?

Thank you for any help resolving this!

Being new I could only include 1 pic in the first post here is the token from getAllERC20

This is a bug. Will fix this. Thanks for reporting it!


Special character causing some issue, we will fix in the next day or so

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Thank you for the response and for looking into this

Thank you Ivan. Would it not be a good idea to allow to pass the parameter tokenAddress into the getERC20 to specify the token’s contract address? I have seen there are a couple of duplicate token symbols and that may cause issues as well besides emojis.

Something like this:

const eViralBalance = await Moralis.Web3.getERC20({chain: 'eth', tokenAddress: '0x7cec018ceef82339ee583fd95446334f2685d24f'});

Thank you for your time. Exited to build with Moralis!

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This should be fixed in an upcoming Moralis Sever version. The actual issue was case sensitivity, the function call was converting to upper case for convenience, but there are token symbols where case matters. For example, “Inu” and “INU” are different tokens.

This is a good suggestion. Will add a param tokenAddress, otherwise there is no way to get the balance for different tokens with exactly the same symbol.

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If I can make one more suggestion that seems like it would be easy to integrate soon, could you consider implementing a check for a user’s specific NFT token balance using a contract address and tokenID for parameters? This would be useful for ERC1155’s especially from Rarible. Rarible uses contract 0xd07dc4262BCDbf85190C01c996b4C06a461d2430 to create ERC1155’s. So if I wanted to check if someone held a specific ERC1155 NFT (in this example the tokenID is 625312) made on Rarible I could call something like the following:

const getNFTBalance = await Moralis.Web3.getNFTs({ chain: 'eth', NFTaddress: "0xd07dc4262BCDbf85190C01c996b4C06a461d2430 ", tokenID: "625312" });

Thank you!

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Great idea thanks we will share with the team!

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Case sensitivity issue fixed and tokenAddress param added in Moralis Server version 0.0.238! Please update your server instance to the latest version and let us know if you experience any other issues. :raised_hands:

Hi Mayjer!

I updated my server and attempted to call a token balance for the user using the tokenAddress parameter as in the following code. For each request, the token returned defaults to ETH rather than the ERC20 token from the tokenAddress parameter.

    const token1 = await Moralis.Web3.getERC20({symbol: 'RUNE'});
    const token2 = await Moralis.Web3.getERC20({tokenAddress: '0x07150e919b4de5fd6a63de1f9384828396f25fdc'});
    const token3 = await Moralis.Web3.getERC20({tokenAddress: '0xde9d41a01bb11a9f41e709242824e54c3917084e'});
    const balances = await Moralis.Web3.getAllERC20();

Here are the logs in the console:

Thanks for any further help!

Hrm it should only return the ETH balance if no symbol or tokenAddress option was supplied. Will look into this.


There was an issue on the SDK side. Should be fixed now. Update to the latest Moralis SDK version (0.0.30) and do a hard refresh in the browser. If you’re using the CDN link that always points to the latest version the refresh should be enough. Let us know if you experience any further issues.

FYI the CDN link is

<script src=""></script>

Thank you for resolving this! It works perfectly now!!!

Have you guys made any progress in allowing a call for an specific ERC1155 with contract address and tokenID for parameters? I see above you liked the idea and were working on it!

FYI this can be done already for ETH with the Deep Index API. Check out the swagger docs on your Moralis server on the Deep Index API page.