Failed transactions aren't brought by the API endpoint


Upon further testing of the getWalletHistory endpoint, I noticed that a few failed transactions aren’t retrieved by the API.

This address 0x3Dc84DA65595Ce3C66D2f8F1aF7EB328Ead01550 had this failed transaction 0xd137bd54e78e33304a8f123b5a07e1d9d4d1c2a80c224809cf458808296eb614 that I would want to retrieve, as the fee was paid regardless of the success of the operation, and as a log that the transaction did happen, but failed.

Thank you!

Following up on missing transactions, some ERC-20 transactions aren’t correctly returned by the API.

In this example here:

    "hash": "0xce2a9e26430bb8f9dbe1b872983c2db61a3ea6bbc310b280234f64c6baf4e5d9",
    "nonce": "66532",
    "transaction_index": "35",
    "from_address": "0xc7be520a0160fb6a933448fa7f4fa816609b2eaa",
    "from_address_label": null,
    "to_address": "0x6dea84cc14c157ec0734ac3cfa01d24453b5bec3",
    "to_address_label": null,
    "value": "0",
    "gas": "10000000",
    "gas_price": "40000012797",
    "receipt_cumulative_gas_used": "4471332",
    "receipt_gas_used": "566105",
    "receipt_status": "1",
    "block_timestamp": "2024-06-03T14:01:10.000Z",
    "block_number": "57722150",
    "block_hash": "0xe923ef6f9c123c2d49f2a7c3bc67ff9747e13b3f9f63c14279febfb2431a70f6",
    "transaction_fee": "0.022644207244445685",
    "nft_transfers": [],
    "erc20_transfers": [],
    "method_label": null,
    "native_transfers": [],
    "summary": "Signed a transaction",
    "possible_spam": false,
    "category": "contract interaction",
    "internal_transactions": []

You can see the transaction is returned for this address 0x276B5BE2Df2B8BB636f04DB6386C04B5d98a4EE3 (Polygon), but no value is provided, even though the user did receive some tokens. There should be an ERC-20 transfer associated, as per the picture.

Thank you again!

Hi @pedropereira

Thanks for the report. We are checking with the team. Will let you know once we have an update on this🙌

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Hello @johnversus. Thank you for the quick reply!

In order to avoid unneccesary spam in the forums and since this topic is related to the missing transactions point, I noticed that every transaction from between around 90 to 150 days ago (unconfirmed range) in the Base chain is missing from your API return.

I used this address for testing: 0x6F64c0273d61418E7081706375B5f81054343d84

You’ll notice that every transaction between 0xfceb98beebfb569d7ef71597c48ed0c112e1092aeab2dc44b31fb3019e8f4e72 and 0x213b3b365f8f3ad447fe5dbe447a0c094f039566577255732544121189d1499b (non-inclusive) is missing from the API response. To guarantee it wasn’t just a one-off case, I checked with this one 0x14c6318076A5E6893362F221Eb6D8Ca129BE3b28 and found that the first 5 transactions (in ascending date) are also missing, having occurred between 122 and 133 days ago as of today. Can you take a look at it?

Sorry for the high load of reports :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers!

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