Failed to fetch api

I would like to know if this a browser issue or the API link
i got stuck following the tutorial because i can’t console log the results

pls. check attach screesnhot

It may be a restriction from that api, you could try to access that api endpoint from a cloud function

cloud function?
i am only using google developer tools

I mean that sometimes you can make a http request from a Moralis server with a cloud function and it may work in that case.

ok but i am just following the tutorial
if the code don’t work i got stuck and that’s it

What is the tutorial that are you following?

this is what i watch before and the code is running
2021 JavaScript Programming for Blockchain Developers

but when i review and try to run again the code on google developer tools it got an issue about fetching api

not sure if they restrict now using there api

You could try to include that code in a html page, or to open a valid domain before trying that code