EVM Configuration - BSC integration

Hey there,

Trying to integrate BSC into Moralis, here’s what I’ve tried to do without any success:

  • Selected Matic and BSC layer 2 options in server EVM configuration
  • Restart and update server to latest (0.0.205)
  • Tried changing chain over to bsc and calling await Moralis.Web3.link('0x4670565222894929fba3b6C91e92B4FFeB3F52FF');
  • Tried calling const user = await Moralis.Web3.authenticate({ type: "bsc" })

I’ve been told that this feature is ready to go but just hasn’t been documented yet.

A little help here would be greatly appreciated as it will dramatically cut my development time.



I suggest you check our most common issue at FAQ - Common Issues & How To Get Help

If the first three steps don’t apply to you, could you please ensure you reply again with as much information as possible under step 4. That way, we can help you as quickly as possible.


Thanks for your response @Mauro. I’ve looked through the docs and I am unable to find anything which explains how to use the EVM configuration. I mentioned it in Discord and a moralis team member said that the feature is working but it is not yet documented.

I would add extra code but it is impossible as I cannot predict what the syntax will be. I’ve added my attempts at what I would assume would be the correct way to do it but with no success.

I may just be being impatient, it may not be implemented yet.If not it would be great to get an estimate of when it will be available, or at least to know if it will be available in time for the hackathon.

Thanks mate!


I understand. The BSC integration is still under development, so I suggest you keep an eye on our documentation. In the meantime, I will tag @gerardo15 as he might be able to give some more information on any estimates about it.