Events subscription via HTTP causing extremely high count of SpeedyNode requests

WS subscription connection to monitor contracts events did not work properly as connection kept closing causing us to use HTTP connectivity to Nodes.
Using http to catch contract events created excessive requests and accrued multiple daily charges on the CC without any notification.

As a test we switch to other provider using WS without changing configuration which worked without any issues and keeping “tunnels” stable without incurring additional requests.

Thank you for the post @dm5280.

Just to clarify, we do send out emails for each successful payment completed. Therefore for each payment, related to recurring subscription, or autoscaling requests, or anything in general, we send out an email notification titled “We received your payment”.

I believe if you use HTTP it will poll the node for updates.
Meaning it will do requests all the time to see if something new happened so it will result in many requests to the node.

WS is different way of connecting to the node where polling is not needed.

Moralis has better way of watching events which is basically free - check this

And just like Kresimir said - we are VERY transparent with our billing:

  1. We send email when 90% of your pre-paid requests are used up
  2. We send email when 100% of your pre-paid requests are used up and inform that you that from this point you will be charged overage rates and you can email support to upgrade to larger plan
  3. After this we send email after each charge

Hope it makes sense :pray: