Events not syncing

Guys, let’s be honest. I and my team are really frustrated with the Moralis Server and it seems that nobody is looking into that. We have created more than 50/100 servers just this month in order to see our events from the smart contract working again, again guys, this is not acceptable. By the way, we have a plan as well and we keep having the same issues.

We are really concerned about going to production with the server this way, with a lot of intermittency and issues all the time.

I don’t know what to do anymore and I’m trying everything and insisting with the team to give another shot but Moralis keeps letting us down with all these issues.

Hi @degueba

It’s very sad to hear that you are having problems using Moralis.

Could you tell exactly what problems you are have right now?

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Why are you creating servers one by one, what are you trying to achieve?

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syncing events should be easy, there were some problems last 2-3 days that we had that caused for sync to not work at some specific moments in time

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The server was just frozen you know, and I couldn’t reset/restart it… this is the reason why we were deleting and creating another one. Now, it seems to be fixed. I hope for a long time

Another problem we found is when we deploy a new contract and change the address on the events sync on Moralis it doesn’t work anymore. So we have to delete the server and create another one.

By the way, I reset the server and even though is still not working

how did you change the address?

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I had to delete the tables generated by the EventSync one by one such as ItemsPublished, ItemsOnAuction and etc… then I changed the address and save again.

you can change the table name when you also change the address, and then wait a little until the previous table is deleted and then you can edit again the event sync to use the original table name

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Oh I see, so basically if I change the name of the table it deletes the previous table right… Good to know, we were deleting the tables one by one and saving again with the new contract. Thanks for the help @cryptokid