Event syncing problem on testnets (bsc and mumbai)


I’m having missing events on bsc and polygon testnets

abi and topic are correct. the events also show up when I use moralis web3 api
POST ​/{address}​/events


is it possible to check this?


do you also have examples of the missing events?

in case that you use beforeSave for an event, and if it fails, then the event will not be added to db

nope I dont have beforeSave

actually I use same cloud functions for mainnet as well it’s working pretty well

what I tried is creating a new sync with exact same abi, topic, address etc and a new table name

once I created it, it also synced the previous table as well


I had eventA -> the syncing was not happening

I created eventAtest with exact same stuff -> sync started
eventA table also got fully synced after this without chaning anything there

You have a sever with core services? As in a nitro server

yes its a nitro server

It works fine now? I guess that you have latest version of the server.

nope. I ended up deleting the server and recreating a new one. working now

probably was a weird bug. not important as it was a testnet but just wanted to share.
if you want to investigate I can give more details