Event sync stop working since 2 am UTC

Hi team,
Our server stop receiving new event data since 2 am UTC, today
We already update and restart the server but it not working
You can check the image

Thank you!

we are investigating

the event sync data should start to recover now

Still not working, please help to check it

can you post the server url?
can you check last block timestamp in a table where it doesn’t seem to work?


  • this tx created at (Feb-15-2022 12:36:56 PM +UTC)


  • this is time when data come to moralis db (2022-02-15T12:45:36.383Z)

this means that it works, but it has some delay at this moment?

Yes, today it happens a lot, and the delay sometimes almost ~30 minutes

today there was a problem

I also noticed that you use only sync event on that server, you could try a nitro server too, any new created server is a nitro server

We already subscribe the pro package for this server.
Now if we create a new Nitro server, could the new is pro also?

you can create a new server, it will be a nitro server, will not be an upgraded server, but it should be enough to test what you have on that main server (~50k events synced)

if everything seems fine with that new nitro server, then we can upgrade the nitro server and downgrade the other server

Thank you, I will try