Event Sync Problems

Hey Moralis Team,

i am really frustrated and invested so much time to find out whats going on. Deleting, adding again, restarting server, waiting and so on.

  1. Gui Problem: In the new Gui i cant add custom Events Syncs. The dropdown to chose the Event (after adding abi) says “No data”. Same event config worked in legacy gui.

  2. The real frustrating part is the event sync is unreliable and lacking transparency.
    I use the legacy UI to add the Event syncs.
    Added all Data and checked “Sync Historical”. Added 6 configurations for different events. Nothing extreme, last time maximum per config was 70k events.
    But currently nothing happen, the historical events are not syncing. Meanwhile i see single events (2 at count) that are synced (new events after adding configuration).

Can you check my server and repair that?

Our App is to analyze token transfers and staking for our customer. So historical data have to be absolutely true and working.

We had everything, missed events, not starting syncing, event syncs that suddenly stopped syncing.

We want to go to production stage and currently it is absolutely not possible.

How we get this working?

Serverid is: xkmtef1dodnf


One possible issue that I see now is that there is a table that has has 30M+ rows, BscTokenTransfers

BscTransactions has only ~400k rows and current has restrictive CLP and no data gets synced there

You can use the old interface for managing events now: legacy.moralis.io

can you try those events syncs on a different server?

the issue was fixed meanwhile