Event sync not working, beforeConsume trigger needed

Hey moralis team. So, as far as I can tell all the info I entered into the sync info is correct. I have another server running the same type of event sync just on a different chain but the abi is the same and the event name is the same.

In the logs, this error seems to be the primary suspect:

"please define beforeConsume trigger for "BSCPairCreation" 

I find this error by going to dashboard and then logs.

Is this something I can fix myself or rather wait for support to look at it?

you can define a beforeConsume dummy hook in your cloud functions, this happens when the event has more than 500k entries

awesome. thank you, looking through docs now

are there any other options in this scenario? because there are no real defining values that I can use to filter the events.

you can return True directly and all events will sync

nice, much appreciated