Event filter and load balancing (HTTPS RPC)

I’m currently evaluating different node as a service providers for my new project (initially launching on avalanche, eventually extending to Fantom and others).
I’m played around with your Speedy Nodes RPC endpoints a
nd noticed that the RPC calls eth_newFilter and subsequent eth_getFilterChanges are not load load-balancer to the same node instance, resulting in “filterId not found issues”.
Some other node provider solve this by loadbalancing via cookies but based on my test Moralis doesn’t seem to support this.
Is there a way how I can use this methods via HTTPS? They do work on WebSockets but for some use-case I require HTTPS support.

Thanks for your help!

I know that on http you can get a random node. And that on websocket you connect to same node.

If you find another better node provider better to use that one as we don’t intend to provide nodes long term.