EthTransactions of Ropsten, not synced at all since few days ago

Can you check this issue?

tested address: 0x370886132fa66f3cbf616a98541be0801a00d707
server instance:

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it looks like it started to work now for the new transactions

About 0x370886132fa66f3cbf616a98541be0801a00d707, there were 8 transactions confirmed on Ropsten testnet for today. Why can’t I get those synced transactions?

If this case happens again, is there any ‘firs aid’ solution to do? For example, restart server instance, clean up sessions, or just wait for working again or something?

Thanks for support!

Try to add that address to watch address to see if those old transactions will show

That address added ‘Dashboard -> Sync -> Sync and Watch Address’ already before asking this thread. Server restarted too before asking. But today’s sync not comming.

you can try to remove it, and then add it again?

Remove and add it again, looks like working now.

I have one production service and two pro subscription now.

Worrying about the real service situation, I have 2 questions,

  1. Will not be addresses in ‘_AddressSyncStatus’ collection synced automatically? I have to add all the address to watch in Sync And Watch Address?

  2. Why this kind of not synced situation happens from time to time? Can I expect for transactions to be sync well all the transactions happening or concerning on my dapp at the real service? If I have to check an user’s payment based on EthTransactions, EthTokenTransfers, this kind of situation would be a problem to customers.

This is not the expected behaviour, the sync should work, sometimes it can happen that are CLP restrictive rights and it fails on write, or an error in beforeSave when beforeSave is used.

The address should be synced automatically without you having to do what you did now.

I didn’t use any ‘beforeSave’ hook on this instance yet.

Anyway, I’ll keep watching this issue steadily, if happens again, let you know. If there is an emergency recovery process against this kind of situation, let me know in advance.

Thanks for kind support

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