EthTransactions not updating realtime

Hi. I am new to Moralis.
I was watching Ethereum Real-Time and Historic Transactions - Web3 Programming video, and I came across a problem that EthTransactions table (class) won’t update in realtime. I sent ETHs from account 1 to account 2 in Metamask, refreshed the page, but do not see any transactions logs. I don’t think this is a connection issue between my local blockchain and Moralis because I am able to see the account lists (User) in the dashboard.
Also, on the other day, I watched a different video about building a coin-flip casino, and in this app, it sends the bets statistics to Moralis. This time, I had no issues. I was able to retrieve real-time data.

I searched for hours digging for answers but no luck, so I decided to post this in the forum.
Waiting for reply.


please provide subdomain for your server that doesnt work so our team can check, thanks


Server URL:

(Currently, proxy is disconnected)

P.S: I also tried the same thing while monitoring on the coinflip server, but it could not retrieve ETH transaction data in real-time. All it showed was historical ETH transaction that happened BEFORE registering the account to Moralis. It cannot retrieve ETH transaction data that happened AFTER the registration.

The server URL for coinflip server is:


I was able to retrieve ETH transaction data after I clicked "Update & Restart" in the Moralis server. It seems that everytime I reset or start my local blockchain and connect it to Moralis using frpc, I have to restart Moralis, too. If I restart it, I can get real-time ETH transaction data until I close the local blockchain.

What’s strange is that I can get real-time bets statistics without restarting it. So I think this is a plugin setup issue? For now, I have to live with restarting the server everytime.

I am suspecting that I am having sort of the same problem. I have created a new question on the forum, because I did not know exactly what my issue was until after I have read this post. My post can be found at Morarible tutorial 11 and 12 transactions stuck in pending state

My issue was resolved by recreating the server