EthTransactions not in moralis dashboard

I am not seeing the EthTransactions not in moralis.
ganache-cli fork mainnet
FRPC is connected.

I am seeing this in the Job status syncEthAddress 28 Apr 2021 at 00:40:52 UTC
connection not open on send()

Anyone else having this issue?

Yes, I raised an issue a few hours back… it appears to be affecting both erc20 and erc721. i’m sure the team is working on the fix as it has worked before.

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Great I thought it was an issue with my local fork of mainnet. I hope this gets resolved soon.

Hey guys. Unfortunately forking mainnet is not currently supported by Moralis. We were testing this the other day with Hardhat’s forking feature. The sync process expects the entire block history to be there so gets really confused when the block numbers start with 12 million. Hopefully we’ll be able to find a solution as forking mainnet is a common practice in many dev shops.

I made a note in the docs about Hardhat fork yesterday but will add fork with ganache-cli as well. Thanks for letting us know.

EDIT: you may need to create a new server instance as forking can cause the sync state to become corrupted.

EDIT 2: going to try this now

EDIT 3: yes looks like the block number starts at the forked block number so forking with ganache-cli will have the same problem as Hardhat. Bummer.

This is going to be a setback, its easier to test locally with a fork than having to use a testnet.

bummer and thanks for the update and explain as to what’s happened.