ETHTokenBalance issue

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we were following the tutorial (“Clone Rarible”) until video 8 and were minting 2 NFTs successfully. It gets added in Items and it is visible in our Metamask when we add the smart contract address.

So now the question is for us: in the tutorial it shows all minted NFTs under ETHTokenBalance automatically in the Moralis dashbaord, but in our dashboard nothing appears except the items under items. The NFTTokenOwners Tab is missing also. Right now, we don’t know how to continue.

There were some breaking changes in Moralis Server after these videos where made, please take a look at episode 7.5

Even after that video was recorded there were another change in the table name.
Apply the steps as described in the video above to: “EthNFTTokenOwners”

We tried this too. But no success. It seems like Moralis should automatically be informed about the NFT minting and then create the collection. But the collection is not being created.At least we can’t see anything at the moment.

Could you provider your subdomain so we can look into this with more details?


I have the same issue the NFT’s are being stored in the class called “Item” also there is no “contract_type” column in that class. There is no class called “NftTokenOwners” in the database currently on version 0.0.186

The issue is solved on our side, after the project lead was checking it today himself;)

  1. I seem to remember there was a Ropsten-Testnet sync issue last week on Moralis so we switched to Ganache but forgot to create a new project which connects to the local Ganache. Still running on the Ropsten-Project Moralis couldn’t see any smart contracts or transactions. Naturally the frpc wasn’t installed either as described when adding a local Ganache project.

  2. Fixing the above stated things, I cloned deployed the smart contracts on Ganache today. Started frpc successfully and also deployed the cloud-functions.js via moralis admin-cli after changing the above stated: “EthNFTTokenOwners” in this file.

  3. the frontend/abi.js was missing the marketplaceContractAbi used in frontend/main.js. I fixed it and tried again. I could mint the NFT and the NFT got added to the marketplace. EthNFTTokenOwners and ItemsForSale appeared magically! Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-24 um 16.13.15

So now it is still not 100% clear to me if any other person who comes to video 8 can see the EthNFTTokenOwners and is like us going a bit nuts looking for the reasons. Also it is not 100% clear at the moment if Moralis-Ropsten is now synced.


Automatically working for me now too after the update to 0.0.187. Thanks for posting your update here

Could you tell me a bit more about what you did to get nftTokenHolders to appear? What did you have to add to the abi.js? I think I am running into the same problem. Where can I find the marketplaceContractAbi? Thanks in advance for figuring this out!

You can find the marketplaceContractAbi in the build folder after you have compiled the marketplace contract. Then you can copy the abi into abi.js as shown in the tutorial.

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This problem is solved, Thanks! But now I’m having a problem adding a new plugin, I may start a new topic if I can’t figure it out.