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Curious as to why I’m getting EthBalancePending and EthNFTOwnersPending categories in my dashboard rather than the NFTTokenOwners category that appears in the cloud_functions.js codebase for the " I CLONED RARIBLE IN 24H - Cloud functions [PART 8]" video. I realize Morlais has changed since the video, but why does it say Pending?

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 9.28.29 PM

My impression was that a transaction will stay in pending until it gets confirmed and after it gets confirmed it will get to the table that doesn’t have pending in its name at the end.
For example I also have BscBalance and BscBalancePending tables.
Maybe it is considered of being confirmed after a number of confirming transactions (not sure of this).

Interesting. Very curious to as to what defines a confirmed transaction.

Usually a transaction is considered as confirmed after n more blocks were created after the block that contains that transaction, it depends on blockchain on that confirmation number, it can be 10, 20, 5. The idea is that if enough blocks were created that confirm that transaction, then it is almost impossible for someone to rewrite the history for so many blocks in order to revert that transaction.

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