EthNFTOwnersPending doesn't get confirmed

EthNFTOwnersPending doesn’t get confirmed even after few days.
Using ETH mainnet.
I’m new to Moralis and blochain in general. When a client connect is metamask with my website I do a clound function: const query = new Parse.Query(“EthNFTTokenTransfers”); to get the NFT ERC-721 linked to the to_address of the user.
Should I do something else to validate the EthNFTOwnersPending ?

Server URL:

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Thanks we are checking


We implemented the pending / confirmed before some of the addresses in your instance registered.

Now that we finished the Beta, we advice you create a new server as hardware and performance has improved.

I created a new server: V 0.0.224, I authenticate correctly but it doesn’t give the historical transaction. It isn’t automatic? Should I write something more than in this video?


Ok, actually I waited and now it worked !