Ethereum React Native Boilerplate App crash on wallet sign

Running the boilerplate on a physical device i press “login to wallet”. I get redirected to the metamask app and sign.After signing it tells me to go back to the boilerplate app after reopening the boilerplate app it crashes. I imagine this is because it doesnt know what to display once someone is logged in but i dont know.
Thanks in advance.

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Which device did you try this on or Simulator? Do you see any error in the logs?

Im using a poco x3 pro on a physical device. I also see no errors. :edited: i found the error log

I know this doesn’t solve the problem, but for me, after successfully signing in via MetaMask, I found that I have to press the back arrow to go back to the app rather than pressing the button that shows my open apps and then selecting the Moralis App. Pressing the back button opens the Moralis App as expected using a physical Android device.