Ethereum React Native Boiler Plate Parse Error

I am facing this issue

You need to call Parse.initialize before using Parse

Can you please tell me the solution? I am facing this issue on both IOS and Android.

Did you add moralis app id and server url before running?

Also check if the solution from this thread helps.

yes i have add the moralis app id and the running sever url

Is this issue happening with a fresh boilerplate (outside of adding your own appId and serverUrl)?

Otherwise if you’ve made significant changes can you post snippets of your Moralis specific code?

Yes i just cloned the repository and added my own moralis server url and application id and after building the application i am facing this error on both IOS and Android. I have made no change in the code of the boiler plate

Anyway I have been able to fix all issues and run the app

  1. they messed up with Moralis version in their last commits, in the MoralisDappProvider.js file, replace onAccountChanged by onAccountsChanged

  2. the typescript implementation of the providers (frontend/Providers.tsx) does not fetch the env variables correctly form the .env file, so I simply hardcoded them in line 27 and 28

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