Ethereum NFT Marketplace

I was trying to test this code ( and I followed the instructions to experiment the marketplace. However, when I create a new server and try to go to the page, I just get an “error: unauthorized”.
I copy the Application ID and the server URL into my code, and nothing happens.
Besides that, I don’t know where to find the smart contract address and the ABI.
Sorry, but I am kind of new to this and I am stuck with these problems.
Any help would be appreciated.

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what address are you trying to access that where it says unauthorised?

In the quick start section, I have these instructions (1st screenshot). When I try to open the url that I get in “Server: URL” (2nd photo), I get the {“error”: “unauthorized”}.
The instruction after asks for a smart contract address and an ABI, which I can’t find.

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that server url is not meant to be opened directly in the browser, I think that you should add it somewhere in an .env file

Right I added it into the .env file.
Do you know where to get the ABI and the address?

Good one thank you for sharing this will help me to improve my skills s i am new…

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Hi @Dillan

We are happy to help you! Please don’t share any links on the forum. Thank you :raised_hands: