Ethereum-boilerpoint -> html

Hello everyone, i am very new to all of this stuff especially with coding. I can work my way around coded code, but cant really code much new stuff. I was wondering if there is any existent html code that takes the ethereum-boilerplate and converts it into a usuable html so i can upload it to a site. unless anyone knows how i can make the ethereum boilerplate usuable without an html on public domain.

Would be great if anyone can find me a youtube tut or something!

You can find demo apps in vanilla js on GitHub in github history for demo apps, you can also find YouTube tutorials on Moralis YouTube channel

ive completed those already and got the eth-boiler working in local host. im looking to see if theres anyway to launch the dapp onto a website

you can also try to deploy it on your Moralis Server with moralis-admin-cli deploy

you will have to upload only the build folder of your project and not the entire project

Gotcha! Just figured out how to deploy it, launced it to the moralis server, but uploaded the build folder to the website and it doesnt show anything but a blank screenโ€ฆ hmmmm. Next step hahaha

now you look in your browser console for errors

its failing to load resources, chink.js(s) and favicons. any help with that?

did you also upload those js files? of favicon you can ignore that error

yeah i did. heres one of the two errors that i am getting:
Manifest: Line: 1, column: 1, Syntax error.
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

and if you open that site on localhost from that build folder it works fine?

correct, works perfectly fine.

what you have in build folder I mean, not what you get by running the application

Yep works in localhost.

then it should work the same when it is deployed, as it should be the same files

some are saying the errors are from a location point:

how do you run it locally from the build folder? just checking to see how you do it (you should use a http server)

right click on the builder folder -> open windows in terminal -> yarn start

it doesnโ€™t sound like you use a http server