Ethereum-boilerplate from git hub to Hostinger

Hey guys, i got a problem here, i was able to run the ethereum-boilerplate without any problem. To run the ethereum-boilerplate, i need to use the terminal and using command yarn start. I planning to add the ethereum-boilerplate in my online server (Hostinger server) just to test it out, but i dont know how to do it, most of the file i use and successfully run in online server is index.html file. However the ethereum-boilerplateis a json.js file. is there any suggestion how to do it?

pleaseee help me, i really dont have any idea how to do it

Hi @kiritoyuki
You can try using

Just need to directly link your github repo to the netlify project, very easy on the go

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Thanks for the guide, the way u show me work well. But i got one more problem, i git clone the Ethereum-boilerplate. All function running well, but i got one weird problem there are 2 different wallet value. I have gone through all the code but i didn’t know where to fix it. this image show the value before login, it a fix value and never change. this second image happen when i login meta mask, there are two value. how do i get rid of the first one.

Hi @kiritoyuki
Can you share more details? like code file so i can debug.


It okay i already find it, Thanks so much for the help, i just found the code and delete the wallet value XD.