Ethereum Boilerplate for Cloning OpenSea

I have progress to displaying the Cool Cat Nfts on the website and changing the tool tips… however when i click on the ether scan it does not take me to the etherscan insead an undefined address appears in the subseuent explorer windiow.

Any pointers will be highly appreciated

Hi can you add more detail please, how have you come to this page?

please see the full issue

The Etherscan link for NFTs on that page work for me on a clone of that project. Are you connected to Ethereum in your wallet? Or is this for a different chain? If it is, make sure the network settings are correct in src/helpers/networks.js.

hi yes as you can see its here

That looks fine, looks like your current chain is invalid. If the chainId isn’t getting picked up, then there’s no blockExplorerUrl to put in between


Probably related to your other issue. Let’s keep the discussion going over in that other thread.