Ethereum Blockchain

Hello Everyone !
This is Muhammad Umer. I’m a beginner in the web 3.0 industry. My question is if I put the data in the Ethereum blockchain Like If put the email [email protected] on the Ethereum blockchain does anyone can access the email or not?
There is any other way to put the personal in blockchain ? where only I can access the data

Thank You.

Technically all on chain data is public

You will need to look at encrypting the data in some way where only you can decrypt it.

Yeah, that’s my question how can I encrypt it? Maybe I can convert our data into the hash
But I want to know How people or how you encrypt the data to store their personal info in blockchain?

You could encrypt data off-chain first and then store it on-chain, and then decrypt it off chain. There could be many ways of doing this.

There is also the Lit Protocol which is a tool focused on this.

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And I think that’s how moralis is working first it’s off-chain and then it goes on-chain to sync the stored data with the blockchain and that’s why you can change the data from the moralis database

please correct me if I’m wrong