Eth token balances not up to date


For some reason, my token balances were not up to date on my server, so I created a new server and the problem persists: I can see the recent transactions yet the balances are never properly updating.

ETH balance is up to date as well as all txs.

Server ID:

Could you please advise :slight_smile:

We found the issue releasing fix today :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Much appreciated Ivan! Thanks for the quick response!

Would you be so kind as to let me know when it’s fixed and whether I have to spin up a new server or update my server?

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should be fixed now, please update server and try!

I had to create a new server to get it to update to current state but it’s working!

Thanks for the fix Ivan.

Will it keep up to date or do I have to trigger the job/worker again somehow?


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its automatic
great that it works!