ETH count mismatch in metamask (Ganache devchain), Moralis Ganache setup issue


I have been following the “3-minutes dapp” tutorial & stuck at the Ganache sections.

2 issues

a) the amount of of ETH in Ganache program does not match with the ETH available in the Metamask account (Local ganache dev chain)

b) Cannot connect Ganache to Moralis server. The Local Dev chain “Ganache” option is missing.

Created a brief video explaining the issue. Any help in this regard would be very helpful.

Thanks & Cheers,

Followed Metamask Ganache setup & Import account using pvt key

Server instance stuck at creation (95%) since yesterday

Try puttin “eth” on symbol field when defining Ganache network in Metamask.


Hi Murilo,

Thanks for the suggestion. It just worked like a charm.

Any comments on the Server side issue? the Ganache Moralis connection

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No clue about this, sorry.

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we dont explicitly write “ganache” anymore as we support different systems, not only ganache

so don’t worry that you don’t see “ganache”

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Got it.

Are there any way to stop the stuck instance in Moralis server page? Not being able to delete the pending instance & create a new one with local dev chain option.

Should we select the Eth (LocalDevChain) checkbox in the Moralis add server instance while setting up Ganache the Moralis?

to use ganache you check localDevChain when starting server

if you want help with your server being stuck write your server url

The server issue has been resolved.