"eth_blockNumber" from BSC Speedy Node is not particularly stable

Hello guys,

I found that the BSC eth_blockNumber got by the free version of BSC Speedy Nodes is not particularly stable and will oscillate back and forth.

How about the paid version Speedy Nodes. Will that version of API be more stable?

I know about this behaviour when using http endpoint, when using websocket it will give you consistent results.

Thank you cryptokid. Is the paid version Speedy Nodes the same as the free version when using REST endpoint? And, my project is based on http endpoint.

it should be different nodes for the paid version, but I don’t know if those are more stable

OK, thank you, I will try it.

hi, i’m facing the same issue like you. have you tried the paid version? is it better?

being multiple nodes behind a load balancer, for http requests you could get different results for latest block number, that could happen on paid plan too

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