ERRror: Too many requests, please try again later. + Rate limit exceeded

Hi. @cryptokid
My production server is:

We are having around 900 CCU at a time.
Each user makes 40-100 requests per minute.

I’m trying to increase the rate limit of the server, but always got “Rate limit exceeded”

I bought the $500 plan from @kresimir
Can you help increase my rate limit?


Now, when my CCU come to 1200, it mostly Error: Invalid JSON RPC response: “error code: 1020”. Dont know how to fix.

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Taken care of via email. We can continue there for custom plans, and upgrades. And we can do the tech issues here. :raised_hands:

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can you lower somehow the number of request per user per minute? every user makes same requests?

We are a Gamefi, so user make request regularly, to get their NFT inventory, to trade/enhanced/ugrade their NFTs and fighting each other. That why we will make a lots of request to the server.

Can you tell me the maximum request I can set for my server?

Your current plan includes 5,000 req/min on the Web3 API.

Can we get 20.000 req/mins, kresimir :smiley:
Of course, we will optimize our API call. But at this time, we really need the users experience is smooth.

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@kresimir, can you help answer my email. Thanks.

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