Error with getAllERC20

hello, sometimes getAllERC20 doesn’t return the balances correctly. Sometimes it returns tokens that have balance 0, sometimes it doesn’t return tokens that i have recently purchased. i have created different servers and updated but this error remains.

Why does this happen?

Hey @crox

Could you please provide your code, wallet examples and chains.

Thanks for your response. I am using the examples described here: Token Balances

Please provide:

wallet examples and chains.

Sorry, my bad.

Wallet: 0x29DB0c0DeC65df4273813acCad56d964a069c7F2
Chain: BSC

For example, is telling me that i have Foxy and return tokens with 0 balances

Hey @crox

I’ve tried to fetch token balances using Web3 API and from vanillaJs+HTML front end. It works correctly.

Try to fetch coin balances using Web3 API:

If it will work correctly share your full code. Probably problem is in your code


thanks for your response

approximately how long does it take to update the balances or is it immediately?

What do you mean “update”?

Fetching balances is about 1 sec.