Error while lazy minting with Rarible Plugin: Unknown trigger: web3SignV4

Hi, Im trying to lazy mint nfts with the rarible plugin and I wind up getting a “Unknown trigger: web3SignV4” when trying to mint the token. I’m not sure how to fix this/debug it.
I’m currently using vue3 + typescript

import * as Moralis from "moralis";

 async mintNft() {
      const metadata = {
        name: "test_nft",
        description: "#1",
        image: "/ipfs/" + this.hashVal,
      const toConv = JSON.stringify(metadata);
      const jsonFile = new this.$moralis.File("metadata.json", {
        base64: Buffer.from(toConv).toString("base64"),
      await jsonFile.saveIPFS();
      const metaDataHash =\.[^/.]+$/, "");
      const currUser = this.$moralis.User.current();
      const userAddr = currUser?.get("ethAddress");
      await this.$moralis.Web3.initPlugins();

      const res = await Moralis.Plugins.rarible.lazyMint({
        chain: "eth",
        userAddress: userAddr,
        tokenType: "ERC721",
        tokenUri: "ipfs://" + metaDataHash,
        royaltiesAmount: 6,

Update: method seems to return 200 but my metamask doesnt load to sign the transaction which is why i think its failing. not sure why metamask doesnt load though

Hey @velocitybolt

Make sure to run the latest SDK, please let me know its version.

hi @dani

Not 100% sure how to check the SDK version but i think this is what you are looking for

Hey @velocitybolt

That’s the server version, the SDK is the npm package you are importing here import * as Moralis from "moralis";

the version of the npm package is 0.0.90

Please run npm i --save moralis and try again.

I now have [email protected]

But i noticed these warnings which could be relevant to my web3 error

also now i get a warning in the console that says You are not using the latest version of the SDK. Please update it as soon as possible to enjoy the newest features. Most recent version: 0.0.181
even though i just installed 0.0.181 the latest version and restarted the app

Can you now lazy mint?

that warning with not using latest version of the sdk it is something that we have to fix, you can ignore it

yes! I can finally lazy mint

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