Error when trying to get pending block

I use ethers.js library and try to get pending block

let pendingBlock = await provider.getBlock("pending");

But I get an error

Error: invalid hash (argument="value", value=null, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=providers/5.4.5)

Does Moralis support pending blocktag?

I know that it supports web3.eth.subscribe("pendingTransactions", on websockets.

Yes, ethersjs also support subscriptions to pendingTransactions. But what about blocktag pending? It is very useful functionality. I use BSC network.

I don’t know now if it supports this functionality

ok, whatever. It seems Moralis backend does not support it.

So there is another question. When I subscribe to pendingTransactions event, I get many tx’s, and I need to filter them out. I start to query each of them with getTransaction method - and here rate limit comes in. How can I deal with it? Is it possible to disable that rate limit at all?

you mean rate limit from Moralis or from cloudflare?
from Moralis there is a rate limit of 3600 requests per minute that can be increased with paid plans

I dont know if it Moralis or cloudflare throws 429 error.
Where can I check any pricing information? Or any paid plans? I didnt find any info on entire site.

You can contact Kresimir#3615 on Discord about paid plans.