Error when Interacting w/ Smart Contract through site

I am getting an error notice when calling a function on website (calling to a deployed smart contract). The error message pops up in syntax but does not have metamask pop up (for an individual to reject or confirm said action)

Error message is ‘UNPREDICTABLE_GAS_LIMIT’ error thrown when calling function.

Usually even if a call function will fail you will get an error message (seen screenshot) that appears.

For some reason this metamask popup is not appearing. Any help?

@gamer707012 You are getting this because the contract you are trying to call, the function is executable. I suppose you are trying to mint an NFT that doesnt exist. Thats when i used to get this error and tremendously high gas estimate.

@taha i understand that and maybe my note was not clear. I’m using this screenshot as an example. I have code that i wrote in VSC. Everything works great except when I call a function (on the site), it does not pull in metamask enabled when calling a function.

Think for example you have a site, you have a connect wallet button (which works great) and then you click mint and nothing happens (but a out of gas error appears within the syntax) BUT the MM wallet popup does not appear to mint (call the function) through the contract. that is my issue. Hopefully I am more clear!

error message for everyone to see in clear view.

The problem is that the metamask pop up to confirm or reject the tx is not coming up. Any help?

where from you get that error if not from metamask?

that error seems to be from a require from the smart contract that tays “Exchange not allowed”

you test on a testnet or on a local devchain?