Error when creating a numberDecimal column in db

So I’ve created a new class in the database meant for me to manually save information to.

One of the values I want to store is of type BigNumber but when I create a new column and select that type from the dropdown I get an error: invalid field type: NumberDecimal

Other types like number and string work fine though. And I know it’s possible because I have a class created from synced events that does have a column with type BigNumber and that one works fine.

Am I missing something?

I know that there is that numberDecimal user for event sync tables, I think that the table is created from code in that case and not from the interface

can you try to create a table from code?

I don’t think it works via code neither.

I’ve tried a couple of different values and these are the types of columns created:

ethers.BigNumber (which is really a an object {_isBigNumber, _isHex}) => object
hex (from the BigNumber) => string
decimal => number
number => number

It’s worth noting that while it seems to be a column type in the interface, it is not mentioned in the documentation

Anyway, I’ve created a string column for it now so it’s not a big issue.