Error: Signing message has expired, FIX update SDK version to a version > 0.0.100

Seems we are having issues with MetaMask signed messages, we’ve tested on two different Moralis servers (and two of our own servers to execute the code), using the standard code:

Moralis.authenticate({signingMessage: " Please sign me " });

The error we get is:

Error: Signing message has expired.
at /moralis-server/lib/Adapters/Auth/moralisEth.js:48:13
at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
at async Promise.all (index 0)

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most probably you have to update the version of Moralis SDK that you are using, if you use a version > 0.0.100 it should work fine

Will pass it to the team to check if they are running the latest.

They are using 1.3.1

they can check with this code what version is running: Moralis.CoreManager.get("VERSION")

also, check if there is a cloud function named getServerTime, that also can be a problem

Version says: js0.0.51

that means that it uses version 0.0.51 that is quite old and it will not work with that version

Ok, Thanks.

How best to update it?

it depends on what you use, but don’t jump to latest version because there may be breaking changes, you can try first with version 0.0.184 that is last version that uses web3 by default.

I also got same issue when I try to signup. my moralis version is 0.0.350.
I am using react-moralis package now and package version is 0.2.1.
How can I fix this issue?

That version of Moralis doesn’t exists from what I know. You will have to use a recent version of Moralis sdk.

This is not moralis version?

I didn’t get this issue before. But I got it after update and reboot the server.

That is the server version, there is also a version for the SDK. If you got the problem only when the server was restarted, then try again to see if it was fixed meanwhile.

You can also update the server to latest version.

So 0.035 is moralis SDK version. right?

No, that is the version of Moralis server, Moralis sdk is something different, is a JavaScript sdk

My moralis package version is 0.0.36 now

you need at least 0.0.100 for that to work

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Okay, I works well now. thanks.

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