Error ''Rate limit exceeded''


This issue is currently occurring while calling the function /server/functions/getTokenBalances even while using an unlimited plan, with a production server.

Server URL:

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there are some rate limit per minute:

and there was also recently introduced a new rate limit feature: NFT Endpoints Temporary Offset Rate Limit

hi - im not sure what you mean we dont have any unlimited plans, there are always rate limits

It can be your server settings: your server has a rate limit against clients so malicious clients dont use up all your requests included in your plan

Hey Ivan,

A time ago we reached out to Moralis to improve our load times, by using indexed nodes to get token balances instead of getting them directly from the chain.

The whole process was discussed with Kresimir (discord user: Kresimir#3615), a team member from Moralis.

Before releasing our DApp to production with the server improvements, we’re guided by him to upgrade our server machine to a plan above the pro, with unlimited requests by the native server, including user balances and similar functions.

We hired a 4 month plan, paying 200 USD/monthly in crypto, providing server URL and also some personal info:

But we’re still getting the same error while calling the function, using that supposed ‘‘unlimited plan’’ offered by him.

Hi @Deejay

Let me check your limits. Thank you for your patience :raised_hands:

Hi there - I don’t know what you are calling from your code that gets rate limited so it’s difficult to say anything concrete

If you are using Web3API it Must be some misunderstanding in your communication with Kresimir as Web3API is always limited

What can be seen as unlimited (as long as the resources of your server allow it) are reads and writes to your Moralis Database. You can read from your database how many times you want and your database syncs user balances and transactions - that’s what kresimir meant

You read from the database using Moralis.query

Best is to speak to kresimir in DM instead of here - this is a forum for tech issues which this is not

Also your server has rate limits against your client which you can change yourself - see the link in my previous reply

Kresimir can help you clarify this :raised_hands: use him as your direct contact as he has more context