Error Message Connecting Ganache to Moralis

I am a noob who picked up interest in blockchain development thanks to Ivan and Moralis. I tried to connect Ganache to Moralis but got the following error message:

“No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.”

I followed all the instructions and did everything Ivan did in the Two Youtube videos you posted on the Moralis channel it failed connect. Please help!

Hi @BlockchainExplorer,

Could you please let us know what tutorials you’ve followed to that point. Also, could you please let us know the steps followed and also what type of machine you have in place.

If you can provide as much as information as possible, we will be able to quickly debug the issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Malik,

Thank you very much for the reply.

Here below are the Two tutorials I followed:

  1. Setting up Ganache and MetaMask - Web3 Programming, Ivan on Tech
  2. Connecting Ganache to Moralis - Web3 Programming

I am using Windows 10. I have installed Ganache and added it to MetaMask as shown in the tutorial. I added it as server on Moralis and downloaded FRP from the link provided on - Devchain Proxy Server. I have copied, pasted and saved the Ganache server and port address on Notepad as shown in the tutorial. Then I copied the FRP folder path in my system and paste it on Window Powershell and entered, followed by this line: ./frpc -c frpc.ini - which is the last point of action as shown in the tutorials, but still got the error message.

Hope you would be able to make something from this amateur take of mine at describing the situation.

Looking forward to your reply.

Big thanks!
Yahaya Abdulmoula


Here is an update. I redone the process and this time I got “start proxy success” message on the Powershell pad, the Devchain proxy server still showing “Disconnected” on Moralis.


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Okay, let me check the procedure and get back to you very soon. I’m right now suspecting that you must’ve forgotten to edit frpc.ini with your server configuration. Do let me know if you’ve achieved to do that too.


Hi mate. Could you please specify, have you done anything else while redoing the process or simply repeated each step? I have the same problem and I’m also a noob in development. Googling solution didn’t help (I need to understand so many things first in order to apply solutions from google xD)