Error max_body_length_exceeded

Hello to the Moralis Community ,

I’m getting two errors: " Error [ERR_FR_MAX_BODY_LENGTH_EXCEEDED]: Request body larger than maxBodyLength limit. " and " ParseError: XMLHttpRequest failed: “Unable to connect to the Parse API”.I looked at all threads in the technical issue reporting and i didn’t find the solution
Any help would be greatly appreciated


what is the size that you are trying to upload?

this error usually means that server url or app id are not set properly

Hello @cryptokid
each image is 2.3 Mb but the node index.js created the 10 nfts characters, but never created the Json metadata file.
I don’t know the size of the Json file but they should be very small
Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

you shouldn’t get that error for 2MB, you should upload the image files separately and not all at the same time.


1)How could i set that up in the coding?
2) is the error MAX_BODY_LENGTH_EXCEEDED responsible of the parsing error ? and to the fact the Json file is not being created ?]
Thanks so much, you are the best

I don’t know what is the code that runs there. You may need to do some modifications in code.

For me it looks like those two errors are unrelated.

You can try with images of a smaller size to see if it works.

From what i read the limitations of the IPFS is 1GB.So it shouldn’t be a problem with a 2 Megabyte file .
I have used the code from Ash from the youtube video.
I will look to see if other users have found a coding solution to set that a picture is posted at a time