Error in running self hosted web3 server

I have built and tried to deploy the local server for web3 in my system, but while running with command yarn dev parse server migration file I came across this huge chunk of error,

then I tried to find the solution for it in the internet, some suggested to install ngrok manually and create an account and add the authtoken in the config file of the ngrok. Then after that again the same error came "failed to start the tunnel in the port "
Then I tried to tunnel manually the port using the command ngrok HTTP 1337 and the error was that we should have enterprise account to use ngrok for tunnelling.

Hi @Debasis

As per the other similar posts on the forum installing the ngrok package again seems to have fixed the issue. Can you try running yarn add ngrok or npm i ngrok and restarting the server to check if it fixes it?

Same error is coming !! can you share that post where they have mentioned about the installation of the package

Do you have any VPN active on your machine?

yes I have sophos installed in it

Can you once try restarting your localhost server after disabling it?

got this error !!!

Do you know why it is looking for localhost 4040 port?:thinking:

but i have given port = 1337 in .env file of parse server migration sdk

when i tried manually to tunnel the 1337 port using command ngrok http 1337 then i got this page

and an error after few second

so this error i got it yesterday also, do we need a enterprise account for this ??

No, I think you need subscription plan for use ngrok. It should also work on free plan. Can you once try creating an Ngrok account on their website. I think the initial setup of ngrok on your machine require and authentication and activation through their website.