Error: chain must be valid enum value

This change occurred in the last 24-48 hours.

matic is no longer a valid option for the chain member in options for this call:

Our dApp was working the last 2 days, no updates. It was breaking today on the call above.

The fix was updating the chain enum value to polygon. The docs are outdated on this.

Error Stack:

 POST 400
 Error: chain must be a valid enum value

Raising the flag on this so others know what’s up and whether or not the docs should be updated or this change reverted.

It was fixed meanwhile, now it works with matic too.

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same error with goerli

Can you post your code where you’re getting this error? Which version of Moralis / react-moralis are you using?

still getting the same error, we’ve tried Goerli, Rinkeby and Mainnet chainId’s all spout out the chain must be valid valid enum value error.

Moralis version: “^1.9.0”

Can you post the code you’re using? Make sure to use the values here.

Also the rinkeby network is no longer supported (deprecated).