Error 141 when using the Unity Moralis IPFS uploader

I was using the IPFS uploader from github to learn how uploading to IPFS works when used from within Unity. I had not changed any of the code and I setup a fre dapp server. It had been working fine until yesterday when I started getting error 141 saying that my account is rate-limited. I had been using this same server since I started working with this project last week and had not changed any of the code for uploading to IPFS, save for the part where you pick the image file from the local file system which I replaced with my own asset generator, so I’d like to know what’s going on here.

On free server, the IPFS UploadFolder API is rate limited to one request per second, which might have caused this error.

Is there a way to monitor the requests/second from within the Unity SDK?