ERC20 token allowance checker

How can I see any tokens which have been approve()'d for me to spend? For example, on etherscan I can see tokens which have been transferred to me (i.e. in my possession), but not which have been approved and are waiting for me to call transferFrom(). Is there a site like etherscan where I can see my token allowances?



I don’t know if there is an easy way or a service that does that already.

It is like the “Approve Function” is between the signer and the token smart contract. I am developing a Dapp gaming platform, is there a way I can write a contract that can call the ERC20 Token contract that will be used in the “Approve Function” ?
That way I guess I will know the EOA that interacted with the ERC20 Token contract. Right?

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this sounds like a different question.

can you give an example?

Like the erc20 token contract is the Callee and another contract will call the token contract that users interact with at first instance.

I still don’t understand what you want to say. Maybe a simpler example?

If you referring to the allowance functions of the erc20 contract from the below link, then you can read the allowance data by calling the allowance smart contract function
and you can get the approval amount by syncing the approval events from the smart contract.