ERC20 price not shown

We’re having trouble getting the ERC20 price for this token: 0x51869836681bce74a514625c856afb697a013797 on polygon/quickswap

There should be plenty of liquidity (200k of it), and the price is listed on the exchange, which is what I’d expect would be pulled in:

Error message is: ```
“message”: “No pools found with enough liquidity, to calculate the price”

something seems strange with that token:

Volume (24hrs)

and here it says only 4.6k liquidity:

It has two pairs, but only one of them is a pair with ETH/stablecoin. Here’s the other one:

Not sure what service you’re using to get pricing; if it’s direct from QuickSwap, there’s an error somewhere (or it just takes time to sync and hasn’t yet - looking at the chart, the price reporting dropped out for a couple of days there). If it’s something you calculate yourself, then it could be that the ETH pair doesn’t have enough liquidity and that’s fixable.

x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenPrice({address: "0x51869836681bce74a514625c856afb697a013797", chain: "polygon"})

seems to work now

If I may ask pls how much liquidity can be added to a token before price can be displayed??

The Quickswap graph requires a minimum of 1 ETH of a whitelisted token (basically a major stablecoin, eth, matic, quick) on one side of the pair, and the token on the other side. Realistically, you need a 1.5 ETH to be reasonably stable.

Same thing applicable to pancakeswap?
Cus I have a token that hasn’t display price at all so am looking for solutions to get the price and to also show price on the bscscan

what is the token address from PancakeSwap? how much liquidity it has?

This is the contract Address on bscscan

not yet listed on pancake yet but I wanna know the amount of liquidity to be added before price can be shown for the token

It looks like the minimum liquidity required for Moralis to compute the token price is 250 USD.

pls how do you get that?

that is something specific to how Moralis does it internally, other platforms may do it differently

ohhhhh so you mean if 300USD liquidity is added, the price will be displayed no Moralis??

That is what I am expecting to happen, as in this query:

x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenPrice({address: “YOUR_TOKEN”, chain: “CHAIN”})

should return a price

okay Good i will put a try and feedback you ASAP

Pls I wanna ask if liquidity is withdrawal on pancakeswap

I don’t understand what you mean, can you give more details?

I mean after adding liquidity to a token on pancakeswap just like the yoollarcoin above, can the liquidity added be remove after some while or its not possible to remove liquidity after adding

It should be possible to remove the liquidity that you added to a pool. What you get it may not be identical to what you added initially if some trades took place, but it should be possible to do it.