Erc20/metadata incorrect data for the token

Hello, I’m trying to get the metadata for token 0x79817fd8f2eb22688d183392e1de1a48eed51d83 by requesting “/erc20/metadata”.


    "address": "0x79817fd8f2eb22688d183392e1de1a48eed51d83",
    "name": null,
    "symbol": null,
    "decimals": null,
    "logo": null,
    "logo_hash": null,
    "thumbnail": null,
    "block_number": "6882348",
    "validated": -1

Why is this so?

Transaction hash where i found it: 0x644661bb13cedfefc580042046bc3a01635d41b8f7d5f31e328df015abeb53eb
Token in etherscan:

maybe it is related to this:
Contract Self Destruct called at Txn Hash 0x498d0fce6f1a963d86738a2270c1ab017d6cfd43ad63aadce7ce5b010aef0783

Thanks, for defining self-destructed tokens need check the “validated” field? If it is -1, then the token self-destructed?

I don’t think that is how you can check if it self-destructed or not, you can check that by trying to get the smart contract code, if it has no code then it has self-destructed.